Visual Effects Supervisor,
James Rowell

I've worked in Computer Graphics since the early days; as a software-engineer, character-TD, lighter, FX-artist, compositor and supervisor. I have hundreds of successful projects under my belt. Involve me in your project and I'll know you'll be happy that you did.

Send me to one of your shoots as VFX Supervisor. I guarantee a great experience for your clients, the agency, the production company, and of course you. I'll ensure that everyone ends up happy and gets what they need. My list of repeat clients speaks for itself in this regard.

Bring me in as an Artist for post-production. I'm a master compositor and I enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with other team members.

Please reach out to me and let's start a conversation about your needs!




On-Set VFX Sup
Valuable on-set VFX support. Supporting key-creatives. Realizing your vision. Problem solving. Keeping within scope. Gathering data & reference. Comprehensive reporting.
In-Studio VFX Sup
Planning and guiding the project. Collaborating with key-creatives. Reviewing. Art Direction. Hitting schedules. Problem solving. Communicating. Wrangling. Working on-the-box.
Master Compositor
Melding a keen artist's eye with in-depth technical prowess. Tackling difficult shots. Delivering beautiful images. Nuke!
Lighting & Effects
Digital Gaffer & look-dev. Live action integration. Creating something NEW. Digital Film-making. Attending to details.
Artist Mentor
Supercharging less senior artists with a unique appreciation for the fundamentals of our craft.
Virtual Reality
Bringing extensive experience with VR projects to bear. What to do and what not to do.
Math Consultation
Sometimes you need help with the math! EVERY aspect of our craft boils down to math and code. I love it - I can help.
Virtual Production
Providing help with newly emerging techniques for shooting on-set with real-time parallax backgrounds.



The Mill NY
Representing The Mill as their on-set VFX-sup for dozens of shoots since 2017. Delivered shots on a variety of commercials as a nuke compositor.

Groove Jones
Supervised at least a hundred projects and dozens of teams for Dale Carman, the key-creative and founder of Groove Jones and Reel FX. Mentored many artists over the past decade.
Representing Framestore-Chicago as their on-set VFX-sup on several shoots. Delivered shots as a nuke compositor for both Framestore-LA and Framestore-NY.
Worked alongside David Beedon assisting as on-set VFX-Sup for the Pilot of The Gifted which was directed by Bryan Singer

On-set VFX-Sup in Dallas TX for season three of Queen of the South.
Charlie-Uniform-Tango's on-set VFX-Sup for American Airlines 2019 passenger safety video.



I'm James Rowell, president and owner of Alpha Eleven Inc., providing you with a lifetime of experience in visual-effects production. It has been a fascinating journey.

I love film - it's the greatest art form and I consider myself first and foremost a film-maker. This feeling animates all my actions in pursuing my craft.

I thrive on team-work and the synergy of creative minds at play, whether it be in the studio, or on-set, with fellow artists and crew-members or collaborating with clients.

I have had the pleasure of working with the finest talent in the industry and can easily fit in with any team, and relish my time working alongside everyone involved at all levels of a production.

As a VFX Supervisor I'm dedicated to achieving the creative vision of you, your clients and the creative team. I will put my entire effort into supporting that vision and helping you to do it within-budget and within scope.
I'm comfortable wearing all the hats needed either on-set, or in the studio. Every project we tackle has at least SOME elements of How are we going to do that? Having been in the business for over 30 years, I'm comfortable facing that question at the drop of a hat. Clients sense that comfort, which brings as ease to a production.

There's nothing I enjoy more than seeing happy clients who want to come back to work together again, and I've been lucky enough to have enjoyed this experience time and time again.

I hope we get the chance to work together on your next project!

James Rowell




Links to some examples of commercials I've worked on over the past few years. Plus some older reels of mine originally created for Orange Imagination & Concepts (an earlier incarnation of Alpha Eleven Inc.)

L'Or Barista (2022)

Introducing the L'Or Barista coffee machine in a fully CG spot.

Lead compositer: James Rowell
Client: Preymaker
Sanofi - Fluzone: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (2022)

CG Wolf integrated into live action footage.

Compositing: James Rowell
Client: Preymaker
Shoe Carnival - Back to School 2022

Shoe-box-dioramas come to life!

VFX Shoot Supervision: James Rowell
Client: Framestore
Etsy: Paradise of Curves and Green House (2022)

CG Cleanup of footage, Integrate CG into footage and transitions.

Compositing: James Rowell
Client: The Mill
Corona: Man of Many Flavors (2022)

Snoop Dogg on the beach with a cold beer and doing some tree trimming. Shot on sound stage. Reconstructed the bush-sculpture. Other cleanup.

Also did comp on the Snoop Dogg and Andy Samberg, Corona Extra spot shot at the same time.

Compositing: James Rowell
Client: The Mill
Google Chromebook: An Easier Way

We follow our hero on her bicycle-commute to work through the city, all the way into her office and then heading a meeting.

VFX Shoot Supervision: James Rowell
Client: The Mill
Voya Becoming Grandpa (2020)

Grandpa walks through different moments in his life and commends Voya for providing him a retirement plan that keeps him moving forward.

Post production work included 2D wipes to get oner feeling to spot, plus integrating Val and Vern at the end.

This is one of two spots shot, the other being Growing Up with a stylistically similar approach.

VFX Shoot Supervision: James Rowell
Client: The Mill
James Rowell: Film FX Reel (1996-2005)

Shots from various films I worked on from 1996 to 2005. Various disciplines, FX, lighting and comp.

Compositing: James Rowell
Client: Dreamworks, ESC Entertainment, Industial Light & Magic.
James Rowell: Commercial Reel (2005-2010)

A sampling of commercial work done at Charlex (various clients) and Orange Imagination & Concepts for Suspect TV.

Lighting, Animation and Compositing: James Rowell
Client: Various
James Rowell: Arch Viz Reel (2007-2008)

Demo reel for Architectural Visualization work done by James Rowell at Virtual Sciences, NJ. Various projects.

Lighting, Matchmove, Compositing: James Rowell
Client: Virtual Sciences



I am located in Dallas TX, which is the American Airlines hub, thus it's easy for me to travel to any location. Furthermore I have a fast internet connection and am able to work remotely.

Please drop me a quick note and I'll be sure to contact you back as soon as possible so that we can discuss your needs, and how I might be able to help.

Thanks so much for your time!